X-Board by Flydive: $3,995

•Easiest jet board to fly

•Features exclusive DRS Tech™

•Simple durable construction

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All Zapata Products:

Pro Bundle by Zapata: $10,350

•Flyboard Pro



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Hoverboard by Zapata: $5,295

•Carbon fiber reinforced board

•Compatible with all Zapata fittings

•Skim or fly over water

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Hoverboard Water Jet Pack System

Flyboard Pro by Zapata: $5,520

•32% more efficient hydrodynamics

•Locking index pin for spin control

•Larger, more stable foot plate

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Flyboard Pro Series Water Jet Pack

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Jetpack by Zapata: $5,750

•Super light weight

•Easy access, low-mounted controls

•Sea made of buoyant foam

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Zapata Racing Water Jetpack System

Wireless Throttle by Zapata:$1,495

•Compatible with nearly all PWCs

•Several flight modes

•Safe and 100% waterproof

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Wireless Jetpack Throttle System

Flyboard Legend by Zapata: $4370

•Custom bindings and boots

•Fast clip for rapid gear changes

•Extremely durable design

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Flyboard Legend Water Jet Pack System

Steering Nozzle by Zapata: $575

•Rapidly swap between hydroflight  and normal PWC operation

•Easy installation

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