Want to fly 30 feet in the air? We can teach you how! Want to skim across the water at an unbelievable 35 mph? We can make that happen! Want to submarine under the water, do tight donut turns, and even WALK ON WATER? These are all things that our first-time pilots learn in our Jetlev Flight Experience sessions! Want to know the stats of our successful training program? 95% of our first-time pilots are up and flying within the first 5 to 10 minutes!
Jetlev Southwest is bringing the world’s first water-propelled jetpack to watersports enthusiasts everywhere. You’ll be amazed by how quickly you pick up the skills to actually FLY A JETPACK. Within minutes, our Certified Flight Instructors will teach you all the basics, including take-off, landing, elevation control, turning and hovering. By the end of your first flight, you can also try some of the more advanced maneuvers like walking on water, figure-8 turns, hands-free flying, donut turns, high hovers, etc.   you’re ready to give the Jetlev a try, Purchase Online  or call us at (619) 431-4236 to book a spot in one of our upcoming Flight Experience Sessions.
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