Coast Guard Requirements For Jetpack Instructors

Like any other boating activity, there are certain rules and regulations set in place to keep the public safe. Commercial Jetpack operators are now required by the US Coast Guard to have an Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessel (OUPV) Captains License.

Here are the requirements for this license: 

– Must be at least 18 years of age
– Must take a physical examination, conducted by a mariner’s doctor or any licensed physician (approx. $100 without insurance)
– Enroll in random drug testing program, administered in compliance with the Maritime Consortium ($55 for each pre-employment test and $65 for each employee per year thereafter)
– Complete First Aid/CPR training class approved by USCG ($50 per person, valid for 2 years)
– Register for Transportation Worker Identification Card (TWIC) card ($128.00, takes approximately 3 weeks to obtain after submitting application) 
– Must have 360 days of sea time (one day is at least 4 hours within a 24 hour period and you cannot double log days (i.e. an 8 hour shift is only 1 day) – Use this Coast Guard form to log the days
– Pass the following USCG exams: Rules of the Road, Navigation General, Deck General, and Safety and Environmental Protection – Sample test questions can be found HERE

After you’ve completed all of these requirements, you can start flying customers with your USCG Restricted Captains License!

Please refer to the US Coast Guard website for complete requirement details.  

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