Instructor training is one of the most valuable pieces of preparation for opening your hydroflight operation and, as such, it should not be downplayed.

Learning how to fly is the easy part. Learning how to teach thousands of paying customers and doing so safely is the hard part. And that’s where we spend much of the course time.

Beyond the flight and instructor training though, the two reasons our clients travel thousands of miles to train with us rather than other trainers are following:

1) We’ve been running our own flight centers since the beginning, so no other company can offer you the experience that Jetpack America offers.

2) Beyond the on-the-water training, we focus heavily on the business aspects of running a flight center because, after all, it doesn’t matter if you can fly if you can’t do it profitably.

Instructor courses range from one to four days and cover the fundamentals of flying and safe instruction techniques. Even if you do not intend to be the primary instructor at your business, we still strongly recommend that you complete the course to have a thorough understanding of all aspects of your business. And keep in mind is that, in order to get liability insurance coverage, you must provide proof of completion of a formal instructor certification course.

Please refer to our Jetpack Training Academy page for details and pricing of the various courses. Scheduling can be done with your Jetpack America contact.

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