Flyboard Pro by Zapata

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Purchase Price Includes:

1 Pair of bindings (8-11 US Men or 11-13 US Men)
1 Tube Swivel Hose Bearing
1 X-Armor Hose
1 Dual Swivel U-pipe with a swivel system that reverses the PWC water outlet and reduces hose kinks
1 Quick clip for an easy uncoupling between the Flyboard® and the PWC

Zapata Flyboard Pro Features:

  • Rotation system compatible with the entire range of Zapata Racing® products
  • Boots strengthened in the front and in the back, offering an optimal protection of the foot and the ankle during Flyboard® practice.
  • Hydrodynamic efficiency improved by 32%
  • 35% lighter than Flyboard®
  • Index pin to lock the spin function and adapt to the users level
  •  Diameter, orientation and angle of the nozzles adjustable, forward or backwards to optimize the use and compatibility with the PWC power.
  • Larger and more stable foot plate
  • Futuristic design with a transparent hydraulic system allowing users to see the water flow
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