Weekday Weekend
Introductory Flight Experience (20 min)$159$199
Jetlev Flight Experience (30 min)$249$279
Same-Day 10-min Add-On $99
Jetlev Flight Experience Gift Certificate (good for weekday or weekend)$279
Returning Pilot Flight Time (good for weekday or weekend)
–         10 min$79
–          20 min$149
–          30 min$209
–          40 min$259
–          50 min$299
–          60 min$329
Video Packages
–          Standard Package (single video taken from jet ski, edited with selected music)$59
–          Premium Package (three angles – ski, control arm, shoulder, edited with music)$149
–          Raw Footage Add-On (All video footage saved to Jetlev flash drive)$20
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