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Sometimes in life, there are special occasions that warrant “a little more” than the standard treatment.

The Bachelor/Bachelorette Party - $199 per person

Looking for the perfect way to celebrate your friend who is "taking the plunge"? Bring your whole group out for a day of jetpacking to have some fun and enjoy some friendly competition.

What's included (for each person): 15-Minute Intro Flight Experience, High-Resolution Photo Package, Jetpack Pilot T-shirt for the bachelor/bachelorette and the person voted as the best flyer of the day. Plus a case of Red Bull to keep the party going that night. Min: 4 people.

Call (888) 553-6471 to book!

The Corporate Getaway - $149/$299 per person

If you're tired of the same old golf outing, maybe it's time to spice things up with a trip to the future, where your corporate team can experience the wonders of jetpack flight. Cheering each other on as you climb higher and higher into the sky brings team-building and camaraderie to another level.

What's included (for each person): $149 package (15-Minute Intro Flight Experience, High-Resolution Photo Package), $299 package (25-Minute Jetpack Flight Experience, Premium Video Package, Jetpack America T-Shirt). Min: 6 people.

Call (619) 431-4236 to book!

The Superhero Tandem Birthday Party - $169 per child

Let your child live out their favorite superhero fantasy with their very own Jetpack Birthday Party! They'll strap in with one of our Certified Flight Instructors.

What's included (for each child): 10-Minute Tandem Flight Experience, Standard Video Package, Jetpack Pilot T-shirt for each child and pizza from a local pizzeria for everyone after their flights ($218 value). Min: 4 children.

Call (888) 553-6471 to book!

The Romance Package - $749

Since adrenaline is the best aphrodisiac, why not get your pulses racing with a couple's jetpack experience, where you'll train together in our office, watch each other as you take to the skies, then recap the event with a bottle of bubbly afterwards?

What's included: Two 25-Minute Jetpack Flight Experiences, One Combined Premium Video, Two High-Resolution Photo Packages, Two Jetpack Pilot T-shirts and One Bottle of Champagne to celebrate after the flight.

Call (619) 431-4236 to book!

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