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Water jet pack pilot Josh Hanson flying at Red Bull Flugtag Long Beach
Man flying tandem water jet pack in pahrump near las vegas

Word is Out About Pahrump

November 2nd, 2015

Chris Wilson, manager of Jetpack America Sales and Flight Center, started working in Pahrump a year ago before being transferred to California this past summer. He said he missed the town when he left.“Pahrump is a small town, in a good way,” he said. “It’s not a small town that is suspicious of newcomers. It is welcoming, When I came back, the man I always get my coffee from said, ‘Where have you been?’.

Family at jetpack america san diego standing by water

Jetpack America - Getaway San Diego [VIDEO]

June 9th, 2015

An entire family visits Jetpack America in San Diego and experiences the thrill of a lifetime. Mom and dad enjoy an exciting solo flight in a water jet pack. The kids strap into the jet pack with experienced Jetpack America Pilots to go for fun tandem flight.

alt="Dean O'Malley president of jetpack america wearing a water jet pack"

Why I quit JPMorgan to Start a Jetpack Business

November 22nd, 2014

"Just two weeks after leaving his Vice President of Technology post (at JP Morgan), O'Malley ran into a friend who opened up a very different career path. Her family was launching a business based on jetpacking, an emerging extreme water sport that lets riders fly above the water James Bond-style..."

Man flying water jet pack in Newport Beach

Yahoo Travel

7 Extreme Travel Adventures

May 14th, 2014

Yahoo Travel Writer Bill Fink stated, "When the kayaker screams, I know I’ve mastered the jetpack controls. Flying 25 feet above the peaceful waters of Newport Bay, my pack is blasting 17 gallons of water per second behind me as I climb, circle, then dive at startled vacationers floating below me." Read about Bill's Top 7 Extreme Travel Adventures here...

Rachel and Andrea from How 2 Travelers

How 2 Travelers

2 Girls 1 Jetpack

June 12th, 2014

Jetpack America was honored to be asked to be part of the new Visit California Dream Big ad campaign, which was shot in various iconic locations around the great state of California. For the jetpack segment, we launched our jetpacks at 4am on San Diego Bay for a half-day shoot with the San Diego downtown skyline as the backdrop...

Red Bull Flugtag banner

Red Bull

Jetpack America Flies at Flugtag [VIDEO]

September 30th, 2013

Jetpack America was given the unique opportunity to put on a water jet pack show as part of the opening and closing entertainment for the Red Bull Flugtag in Long Beach, California in 2013. Pilots Josh Hanson and Chris Herman performed a choreographed routine, complete with corkscrews, helicopter spins and a daring 30-foot platform landing and take-off.

Daredevil world record flight from newport to catalina

Jetpack Daredevil Attempts World Record Flight From Newport to Catalina

August 30th, 2012 covers Jetpack America president, Dean O'Malley's record setting jet pack flight from Newport Beach to Catalina. The epic feat took months of preparation. The flight over the pacific ocean required intense planning and physical training.

Dean O'Malley in jetpack at Newport Beach

He Made It!

September 30th, 2012

"Dean O’Malley put his jetpack and his dreams to the test, and yesterday made the 26-mile crossing from Newport Beach to Avalon using only his personal flying apparatus. O’Malley made the trip to commemorate Glenn Martin’s trip from Newport to Catalina 100 years ago, the first water-to-water airplane flight."

Jetting Into the Record Book?

August 30th, 2012

"A local company hopes to set a world record next month, by flying a water-powered jetpack from Newport Harbor to Catalina Island. The 26-mile trek will be attempted Sept. 29 by JetLev Southwest (now Jetpack America), with company president Dean O’Malley piloting the R200 pack."

man wearing water jet pack next to water – Los Angeles

Jet-pack Record Set on Catalina Island

September 29, 2012

"Extreme-sports athlete Dean O'Malley set a world record Saturday after successfully "jet-packing" from Newport Beach to Catalina Island. O'Malley left Newport harbor at 7 a.m. Saturday. He ended the 26.2- mile journey four hours later in Avalon, setting a record for longest flight on a jet pack. The jet pack uses water to propel the device and the pilot in the air."

SoCal Public Radio (

Newport Beach Jet Pack 'Rocketeer' Hopes to Fly to Catalina, Set World Record

September 5th, 2012

"With a handful of reporters and a few very curious beachgoers looking on, O'Malley gave a demonstration on Tuesday: He cranked up the jet pack and soared above Newport Harbor, landing off Bayside Beach and wading onshore to talk about his expedition."

Jet pack flight in newport beach california

Jet Pack Flies for Catalina Air Show Record

September 14th, 2012

"A new cutting edge flying machine dubbed the JetLev, a water-powered flying jetpack will take to the Pacific Ocean September 29th. It will make the 26-mile open-ocean crossing from the shores of Newport Beach, non-stop to Avalon Harbor. In conjunction with the Catalina Air Show, the crossing will attempt to establish a new world record for flight of the water borne jetpack..."

Bride and Groom being interviewed indoors

Jetpack Wedding: Thank You, Grant & Amanda [VIDEO]

September 20th, 2012

The folks at were so stoked when Grant was photographed wearing his ZOZI t-shirt while proposing to his then girlfriend, that they wanted to do something special for the newly engaged couple. That's when the idea for the world's first Jet Pack wedding came about. Jetpack America was more than happy to make that special day even more special by providing the Jet packs.

Bride and groom wearing water jet packs at wedding ceremony

Barcroft TV

World's First Jet Pack Wedding! [VIDEO]

August 29th, 2012

Lovebirds Grant Engler and Amanda Volf are on an all time high - after being wed in the world's first JET PACK wedding.To keep with tradition as closely as possible, stunning bride Amanda, 26, a sales assistant, wore white board shorts with a white veil and a surfing rash vest.

bride and groom wearing water jet packs at wedding

Something Borrowed, Something ZOOM! Couple Arrive for Their Wedding on Jet Packs

August 24th, 2012

Husband and wife Grant Engler and Amanda Volf have just tied the knot - in the world's first jet pack wedding. In the grandest of entrances, the couple flew into their ceremony each wearing a $100,000 Jetlev R200 water-powered jet pack system. Landing on Newport Beach, California, they greeted their amazed wedding guests.

man wearing water jet pack next to water

The Flight of the Bumbler [VIDEO]

June 12th, 2012

Roger Bloom from the Newport Beach Independent visits Jetpack America to try his hand at jet pack flying. After a slight learning curve, Roger experiences the thrill of a lifetime as he takes flight over Newport Beach Harbor. That experience will be brought to thousands as locals and tourists rush to experience jet pack flight for themselves.

hosts of youtube channel game changers

Game Changers

Jetpack Paintball Shootout [VIDEO]

June 30th, 2012

The Game Changers crew comes to Jetpack America (formerly Jetlev) in Long Beach for an extreme jet pack challenge. The 3 hosts race around an obstacle course flying water jet packs, while trying blast targets with a paint ball gun and going for bonus points by rocketing 30 feet in the air!

Jet pack flight in newport beach california

To Lido and Beyond

June 24th, 2011

The Newport Beach Independent covers the mysterious new flying device that was seen taking test flights in Newport Beach and Huntington Beach. Jetpack America bought this exciting new water activity to southern California! Jet pack flights soon to be offered.

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