X-Board by Flydive: $3,995

•Easiest jet board to fly

•Features exclusive DRS Tech™

•Simple durable construction

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All Jetovator Products:

Jetbike by Jetovator: $5,975

•Easiest hydroflight device available

•"Tri-jet" design

•Optional landing gear

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X-Board Jetovator Bundle: $6,970

•X-Board by Flydive

•Jetbike by Jetovator

•Complete kit, ready to fly

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Freedom Flyer by Jetovator:$5,975

•Ultimate flying lounge chair!

•"Tri-jet" design

•Most accessible hydroflight device

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Jetovator Freedom Chair Water Jet Pack System

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Tandem Jetovator: $6,999

•Carries 2 riders at once

•Great for taking kids for a ride

•Great upgrade for existing system!

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Tandem Jetovator Kit: $9,999

•Carries 2 riders at once!

•Great for taking kids for a ride

•Control from front or back rider

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Pro Bundle by Jetovator: $10,975

•Shred Sled

•Freedom Chair

•Jetovator Jetbike

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Jetovator, Freedom Chair, Shred Sled Water Jet Pack Bundle

Shred Sled by Jetovator: $5,975

•World's first flying kneeboard

•Quick and easy to learn

•Single jet design

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Jetovator Shred Sled Water Jet Pack system

 Jetovator Landing Gear: $585

•Vertical take-offs and landings

from beaches and docks

•Doubles as stand for Jetovator

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 Jetovator Jetbike SOLO: $2,975

•Jetovator Only (no hose or U-pipe)

•Easiest Hydroflight Device to Fly

•"Tri-Jet" Design

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