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Have you ever dreamed of jetpack flight? Flying through the air, hovering high above the world below, even diving underwater like a dolphin? Jetpack America is the most experienced jetpack rental operator in the world, with over 15,000 first-time flights, so you can rest assured that when you fly with Jetpack America, you’re flying with the best!

Jetpack America also offers jetpack sales, pilot and instructor training, and private and commercial support, so you can feel confident knowing all of your water jetpack needs will be met by our competent and friendly staff at any of our three jetpack flight centers!

All New in 2015: Tandem Jetpack Flights for kids!

Jetpacks are no longer just for the adults…Jetpack America is now offering Tandem Jetpack Experiences for kids as young as 5 years old, offering the thrill of being a superhero to the whole family! 

Girl flying in San Diego Bay

Jetpack Rentals in Newport Beach, San Diego and Las Vegas

Looking for things to do on your next vacation? Look no further than Jetpack America!

We offer several different jetpack flight experience options, with premium photo and video packages available to commemorate your flight.

All of our flight packages include pre-flight training, walkie-talkie helmet communication from your instructor and remote throttle control to make your jetpack flight experience safe, easy-to-learn and fun.

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Jetpack flight instruction with student

The Jetpack America FLIGHT Experience – What TO EXPECT

So what can you expect from your jetpack adventure? To put it simply...the experience of a lifetime! Our flight centers in Newport Beach, San Diego and Las Vegas are the perfect setting for this adrenaline pumping experience, so be sure to book your water jetpack rental today.

TRAINING - Our Certified Flight Instructors will coach you through your flight from start to finish. Before you strap into the jetpack, you'll receive classroom instruction in our jetpack school. This includes a safety video to introduce you to water jetpack technology and to give you the run down on how the training will go on the water. Then you’ll get hands-on pre-flight instruction in the classroom with our training jetpack. After that, you'll head out to the flight zone.

FLIGHT TIME - Each water jetpack flight experience includes 15 to 60 minutes of flight time depending on your purchased flight package. During your flight, you'll receive real-time communication from your water jetpack instructor via our walkie talkie helmets. And finally, if it is your first flight with us, your instructor will have remote throttle control for fast, safe and fun learning. On subsequent flights, you'll be eligible to take your own throttle control.

THE EXTRAS - Of course, what would an adrenaline rush be without a few ways to share it with your friends and family?! Every pilot gets a Pilot Certificate to prove your jetpack flight skills. For further evidence, you can commemorate your jetpack flight experience by adding one of our photo or video packages which will show off your superhero flight skills to your friends in full HD! You can also pick up a Jetpack America t-shirt or hat, which are great conversation-starters.

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Buy YOUR OWN Jetpack!

Once you've experienced the wonders of jetpack flight with Jetpack America, you may want to buy your very own jetpack!

Whether you want to buy a system for personal use or for a commercial operation , Jetpack America can set you up with everything you need.

We are the most experienced flight center operator in the world and we've sold more jetpack systems than any other company in the world, since we've been in the game since the beginning.

Rest assured, we can answer any question you have, recommend all the right accessories, train you and your staff or family and ensure you're going to have a safe and fun time above the water every time you fly!

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