FlyDive Demo Day is August 13th!



The X-board by FlyDive is set to make waves in the hydroflight business! Flydive is based in San Diego and their first product, the “X-Board”, is building
up a dedicated following amongst a wide audience. People of all ages and skill abilities are becoming fans of this board because it not only provides
maximum stability for new riders, but also offer incredible maneuverability. It is a similar design to the Flyboard from the French company, Zapata
Racing. “Flyboard” is the biggest name in hydroflight right now and FlyDive is looking to move up the ladder of major players in the hydroflight industry.
The FlyDive X-Board contains what the company calls “DRS Tech”:



“DRS Tech™ stands for Dynamic Response & Stability Technology, it’s unique to FlyDive and solves two very important performance challenges. In
other boards, foot positioning higher above the bearing rotational axis creates stronger torque on the ankles, a feeling we call the “high heel effect”.
Balance corrections from a higher platform feel heavier on the ankles for both beginners and pros alike, and can overpower the rider, causing a crash.
Additionally, a higher foot platform raises the center of gravity of the rider, and contributes to over-committed body lean and stability challenges
for beginners. With FlyDive’s proprietary DRS Tech™ design, the feet are placed lower and closer to the rotational axis than any other board
on the market (half as high). This empowers beginners to make small balance corrections easily and gain stability naturally, while advanced flyers
enjoy better response for quick directional changes during tricks.”


As more rider’s fly this board, it will be interesting to hear more testimonials and comparisons to other boards like the Flyboard and Jetblade by X-Jets.
You can compare all 3 in the Jetpack America Shop. One thing is for sure– Ryan Lorence showed
some pretty great moves when flying the X-Board at Hydro-Fest 2016. Check out this sweet highlight
video of Ryan at Hydro-Fest:




If you have a PWC or are seriously considering purchasing a Jetboard, you can get a free test flight on August 13th, 2016 in San Diego at Jetpack America’s
location at Mission Bay Sportcenter from 11am-2pm Sign- Up HERE




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