Wounded Warrior Event Gives Heroes a Chance to Fly

On Saturday October 19, Jetpack America had the privilege to fly some of the nations finest by hosting The Wounded Warrior Project. Led by Jack Major, 18 men and women from the Project came out to fly the Jetlev R200 on a beautiful day on Mission Bay at our San Diego flight center. Between friends and family there were almost 100 people who came out to witness these heroes learn to fly the worlds first water powered jetpack. Catered by Phil’s Barbeque and featuring an inflatable jump house for the kids, this was a big event that brought a lot of laughs and smiles to everyone involved.

The highlight of the day was Jetpack Pilot Mike Greens flight. A very fun and enthusiastic guy, Mike made history being the first one-armed man to fly a Jetpack. Mike had lost his right arm in combat, but has not let it slow him down one bit. We have flown several leg amputees, but never an arm. The ability to walk is not quite as important as the use of your arms to fly the jetpack, or so we thought.  It took several attempts but with the guidance of his Flight Instructor, Mike was able to achieve flight in a matter of minutes. He is proof that dedication can make the impossible possible, and it also proves to show the accessibility of the Jetpack and that almost anyone can do it!

We hope to do another event in the spring with The Wounded Warriors and support everything that they do for the men and women who served our country. Check out their website for more information and events at http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org

Thanks again to all of the current and former military personal out there!



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