World’s First Flyboard Front Flip



As the world of hydroflight progresses, new tricks that we never thought possible

are becoming a reality.

Just days ago,
Stephane Prayas, a French hydroflight athlete landed the world’s first Flyboard front flip. Not only
is this flyboard flip extremely impressive, but it makes us wonder…

What’s next? Doubles? Triples?


Action sports types will recall when Travis Pastrana landed the world’s first freestyle motocross double backflip
in the X-games in 2006. That feat spawned a huge motivation to push the envelope. Soon after, videos surfaced of triple backflips and the fast advancement
of rider tricks started rolling in.


As with many sports, once the pioneers begin to master and advance their skills, interest from the general public usually builds as well. This new world
of hydroflight is extremely exciting. The possibilities are endless and the sport is bound to become even more popular.

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