Why Vegas is your one stop for your next vacation

Why Vegas is your one stop for your next vacation

Are you avoiding a holiday in Las Vegas because you think there isn’t much to do besides gambling and partying? Then you are in for a surprise, because
there is a lot more to Vegas than what meets the eye with its Sin City status.


Why go to Vegas?

Sure, Vegas is replete with adult entertainment options and a scandalous reputation for its nightlife, but don’t let that put you off. There are many other
aspects and things to do in Vegas during the day that makes the city worth visiting. This includes great sightseeing tours, delicious food to dig into
at the city’s most famous restaurants, and recreational getaway options away from the racket of swarming party spaces. 

Entertainment everywhere

Also called the entertainment capital of the world, Vegas is bustling with action and fun things to do. You could have a hearty laugh at a stand-up comedy
bar, watch a variety of Broadway musicals, cheer for your favorite contender at a boxing match or sing along at a concert by your favorite artist.
Vegas is always swarming with celebrities, from actors to directors and singers, so you are more than likely to run into one of them at some point
in your travels.


Adventure galore

If you prefer adventure activities over sitting at the casino or lazing by the pool, you have many massively heart-pumping options to choose from. Skydiving,
racecar driving, jetpacking, air pilot combat or zip lining from a mountain top is sure to satisfy your adrenaline craving.


Experience new heights

Have you ever heard of a jetpack?  Just 30 minutes off the strip, there is a facility where you can take a short 1-hour training course and then learn
how to fly an aquatic jetpack.  Jetpack America has been operating right outside of Vegas for almost a year now and they are the most experienced
training facility in the business.  Located on their same plot of land is also a racer track called Spring Mountain Motorsports.  You actually
can fly a jetpack and race a Porsche all in the same day!


Skydiving, zip-lining, and helicopter tours are also available right outside Las Vegas as well.  The adventures are endless! 


The grand expedition

If you’re in Vegas, a visit to the Grand Canyon is a must. You can do this by booking a helicopter for a swift round above the majestic canyon, or get
more involved by signing up for a ground tour through the canyon’s valleys.


You can enjoy a meal while on a serene cruise that offers a breathtaking view of Lake Mead. A double-decker bus will take you on an enjoyable sightseeing
tour of the city’s many attractions, like downtown Vegas and the Strip.


Las Vegas offers all sorts of food, right from food trucks pizzerias, bars and grills to award-winning high-end restaurants. Each one offers a different
culinary experience, and you should try as many as you can for their uniqueness, if your budget allows it.


Tranquil times

The famous Bellagio hotel is itself a great location with a lot to discover. The botanical gardens are beautifully landscaped and offer the perfect recreational
feel when you need to unwind by yourself or with your family.


The Wynn golf club on the Strip owned by Steve Wynn is definitely worth going to for its incredible ambience, tastefully crafted topography and spot-on service. Wynn is credited with building up many
of the best entertainment and leisure facilities in Vegas over the last 50 years.


Treat yourself to a day at the spa with the many options that Vegas has to offer. The Bellagio itself has an indulgent spa, salon and fitness center –
an oasis retreat from the outside world.

To sum up, the list of things to do in Las Vegas goes way beyond gambling and casinos. From outdoor exploring to creating memories to cherish with your
family, a holiday in Vegas is bound to have you smiling for years to come.



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