Which Flight Package Should I Choose?

Want to book a flight but don’t know which to choose? Here’s a deeper explanation of what you’d be doing with each different water jet pack rental package:

1. Tandem Flight Experience
This flight is for CHILDREN 5-13 who weigh LESS than
100 lb (~45 kilos). The child is strapped into the jetpack behind a certified flight instructor
and enjoys his or her time in the air for 10 minutes! It might not sound like a long time,
but our flight instructors are so experienced that your child will virtually be experiencing a
10 minute long roller coaster ride. Each flight is tailored to the child’s preferences, so it
can be more or less intense depending on how thrill-seeking your child is. Check out an example video here
2. 15-minute Intro Flight Experience – This flight is for people ages 14+ to fly by
themselves. Pilots will receive an hour’s worth of training before their flight and will be
instructed by a Certified Flight Instructor during their time in the jetpack. For most
people, it takes about 5-10 minutes to acclimate to the controls of the jetpack, so most
pilots can expect to learn more advanced maneuvers for 5-10 minutes. With this flight
package, most pilots will be able to get 5-12 feet (~1-4 meters) in the air.
3. 25-minute Flight Experience (MOST RECOMMENDED) – This flight is exactly like the
15-minute flight except for the flight time. With 25 minutes of flight, pilots can expect to
have 15-20 minutes to learn advanced maneuvers and can reach a height of 10-20 feet
(~3-6 meters). This package is our most recommended jetpack experience package because

it allows the flier to have time to get used to the controls and learn more advanced maneuvers

while still being able to fit into a busy schedule.
4. 40-minute Rockstar Flight – This flight is similar to the 15 and 25 minute flights except
for the flight time. During the rockstar flight, a flight is broken up into two 20-minute
flights with a short break in between. Pilots can expect to master the basics of flight and
can usually reach 15-30 feet (~5-10 meters).
5. 60-minute Superhero Flight
This flight is similar to the 40 minute flight, except the flight is done in two 30 minute sessions. Pilots can expect to master the basics of flight and
some advanced maneuvers. Also included in this package is a free three-angle HD video of your flight, a Jetpack America T-shirt, and a Jetpack America
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