What’s in a name? Is it "Jet Pack" or "Jetpack"?

In the 1950’s and 1960’s, the concept of a “rocket belt” or “jet pack” were introduced to the world, when the desire for personal flight really came to
the forefront. With the jet pack, it was precisely that, a pack on the back that was propelled by jet engines to get the wearer into the air. Hence,
the jet pack was born. 


Over the years though, the jet pack concept became much more common place, which led to the contraction of the two words “jet pack” into a single term
“jetpack”. This is similar to how the pack you wear on your back, a “back pack” eventually became a “backpack”. More recently, the concept of “electronic
mail” was introduced, which later was contracted to become “e-mail” and now most people use the standard “email” when referring to the billions of
messages we send via our computers every day. 


As you see from our name, Jetpack America, we’ve officially adopted the new term and we expect the whole world will get there. Eventually. For now, we’ll
field requests for “jet pack purchases” and “jet pack lessons”, but we’ll quietly reply to them with the correct “jetpack” term. 


Change is slow, but eventually it happens. Whether you prefer jet pack or jetpack, we hope you agree that they’re just a ton of fun! 

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