Video Overview of Jetpack NX by X-Jets



The Jetpack NX by X-Jets is an industry leading water Jetpack and has been proven to be a product that was built to last. We have used X-Jets in our
rental operations for a long time and they have flawlessly flown thousands of people. The sturdy construction on the Jetpack NX guarantees that it
will last through any wild ride you put it through. It’s marine grade construction ensures that it will survive both freshwater and salt water environments.
“Bulletproof” is probably the best way to describe the quality of the Jetpack NX!


The Jetpack NX by X-Jets sports a number of adjustments that make it the right jetpack for people of all sizes and builds. As you can see in the video
above, the shoulder straps and arms are both adjustable. Its padded shoulder straps add comfort as well as buoyancy. The jetpack easily keeps its rider
afloat in between flights, no matter their size and weight. All these details add-up to providing a fun, safe and comfortable flying machine!


We have sold many X-Jets Jetpacks in our Online Shop and it is the jetpack-of-choice for commercial operators around the world. Whether you plan to use
the Jetpack NX for family fun or if you plan on renting it out as part of your business, buying a Jetpack NX will definitely be a purchase you’ll be
glad you made. You can check it out in the Jetpack America Shop HERE.


Check out this sweet X-Jets Jetpack NX highlight video:



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