Two Beautiful Blondes take to the Sky to Show off their Flight Skills- How 2 Travelers

One of the most awesome things about having a Jetpack flight school is all the cool film shoots we get to do. From Heidi Klum’s “Next Top Model” to shooting
Rob Lowe taking flight, Jetpack America is taking the Media by storm.

One of the most fun film shoots we were able to be a part of was a segment for “How 2 Travelers.” Two gorgeous blondes, Rachel Rudwell and Andrea Feczko
visited our Newport Beach flight school for a little healthy flying competition in the sky. While Rachel was the big winner for the day, fun was had
by all. There was even a little flirting going on with the girls remarking on President Dean O’Malley’s great bone structure.


For more information, please visit the How2Travelers website. 

This video is a must watch! Enjoy!

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