Top Ten Water Activities in San Diego

San Diego's Top Water Activities: Surfing



Water activities in San Diego are one of the big draws for locals and tourists, especially those
with families. From a calm and relaxing paddleboard or kayak outing to an adrenaline pumping water adventure, like parasailing or flying a water jet
pack, San Diego has it all.


The weather in San Diego is perfect for water activities and, if you are looking for the most exciting ways to unwind, here is our top ten list:


1) Jet Skiing: If you are a motor head and you want to enjoy speed on water, jet skiing is a must try. There are wave
runner rentals in different areas though you must meet requirements to ride them.

  1. 2) Windsurfing: This is still a popular way to enjoy a vacation although you will likely find it inside the bays on big
  2. 3) Body Boarding: Ride the wave on your belly. It is a very relaxing activity.
  3. 4) Surfing: San Diego is world-famous for its surfing beaches, such as Blacks, Windansea and Ocean Beach.
  4. 5) Parasailing: If you’re looking for a unique vantage point to view the San Diego skyline, try a parasail trip where you’ll fly under a parachute
    behind a speed boat.
  5. 6) Kayaking: The La Jolla coves are great for family kayak trips, where you can explore caves and see wildlife like seals and dolphins.
  6. 7) Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP): This has become the latest craze on the water, where you can explore Mission Bay and get a great workout
    at the same time.
  7. 8) Kitesurfing: This is like wakeboarding where you pull yourself through the water by manipulating a giant kite. It requires plenty of
    coordination if you are to get the most fun, but it is easy if you are able to control your kite.
  8. 9) Jetpacking: Water jet packs give you a chance to fly like a superhero by strapping into a backpack style jetpack to fly up to 30 feet in the air. Jetpacking has quickly become a top water activity in San Diego.
  9. 10) Flyboarding: Flyboarding (or jetboarding) is the newest water sport phenomenon, where you wear boots with jets coming out of the bottom
    of them. This requires a little more coordination, but it’s definitely a top San Diego water activity.

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