The New and Improved Jetlev R200 Jet Pack

The all-new Jetlev R200 Water-Powered Jet Pack (sometimes referred to as a Water-Powered Jetpack) is set to be released to the public in a matter of weeks! Jetlev Southwest is slated to receive eight (yes, eight!) of the first units off the production line.

After waiting almost a year, working with Jetlev Technologies, Inc. (JTI) on refining their beta test units, Jetlev Southwest will be the proud owners of these new units, which are expected to reach a blazing top speed of 30 mph (this is compared to 20 mph for the current models). The improved performance is due to some dramatic changes to the hull design, allowing it to plane better on top of the water, thereby allowing higher top speeds. In addition to better speeds, the maneuverability is going to be dramatically improved, giving pilots the ability to spin tight donut turns at high speeds without loss of control.

The first units being delivered to Jetlev Southwest are expected to be sent to the following locations:

– Lake Havasu for the opening of the Water Jetpack Adventure location on Rotary Bay

– Two units to Honolulu, to swap out the current models at SeaBreeze Watersports

– Two units to Newport Beach to grow the business at company headquarters

– Remaining units will be sent to Spring Mountain Racetrack, where a new lake/training facility is being built, or a new location in Singapore, Grand Cayman, or Cancun

If you haven’t flown the Jetlev R200 Jet Pack yet, what are you waiting for? Stop Dreaming, Start Flying! Give us a call today at 888-553-6471 and we can get you set up with a Jetlev Flight Experience at any one of our locations.

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