Leah Pritchett: Zero to Hydroflying in Seconds


Leah Pritchett knows a lot about speed … and we mean serious speed!


Like 0-to-100mph in less than 1-second!


As one of the best female top-fuel drag racers in the world she routinely reaches speeds in

excess of 300mph in less than 3-seconds.  Now that’s what we call “moving”!


It takes a lot of skill and courage to do what Leah does on the racetrack.



Leah’s experience flying while remaining firmly on the ground gave her some idea of what flying with water would be like.

She was well prepared when she recently visited Jetpack America’s Lake Spring Mountain outside Las Vegas, learning to fly both a jetpack and a jetboard
in just one session.

Pritchett was a natural and we’re sure she felt it was really just a nice way to have some fun and relax a little!


If it wasn’t, she sure made it look that way!

For more on Leah Pritchett and her racing career check out her website: LeahPritchett.com


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