The Jetpack Model Showdown: Who Wears It Best!


Like all action sports hydroflight has its list of fashion do’s and dont’s.


When it comes to flying a jetpack a wetsuit is usually a must.

Unless of course the water is warm and the sun is shining bright!


When a bevy of German models descended on Jetpack America in Newport Beach a few years

back for the filming of the Reality-TV show “Germany’s Next Top Model” the whole idea was pushed to the next level.


Among the models was the host of the show, mega-super-model Heidi Klum.

The weather that day was less than optimal so Heidi decided to stay warm and dry on the beach.


Nonetheless the other models donned a variety of outfits and took to the sky.

Their goal was to fly like a pro but look like one too.

Some even decided to brave the chilly water and weather without a wetsuit!


So we want to know who’s your favorite! Take a look and give us your vote!

From left to right  … 1 thru 8




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