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Why Flying Brand-X is Never a Good Idea


With the Hydro-Flight sports exploding worldwide, businesses are popping up all over the globe trying get a piece of the newest sport market. Some out
there are offering rock bottom prices. Be careful, all hydro powered rental companies are not the same, here’s why.


Who is that person teaching me? – Staff Qualifications

Jetpack America is the largest hydro-flight jetpack company rental facility in the world, with 3 locations and more than 50 staff members. With that
many staff members, you’re getting a 5 to 1 staff to customer ratio to ensure that you are comfortable, safe, and informed every step of the way. Quantity
of staff is one thing, but the most important part to you is that we are the best trained and qualified team in the world. Many of our instructors
are certified Master Instructors, what that means is your flight instructor actually teaches other instructors on how to teach you!


Talk to Me! – In-flight Communication

Jetpack America is the only Hydro-Powered jetpack rental facility that invests in real time communication while you’re learning to fly. This piece
of equipment makes a HUGE difference, especially when your time is your money. While other competitors have to drop you in the water, and yell directions
at you, then start you back up, Jetpack America communicates with you WHILE you’re flying. Bottom line, you spend more time flying rather than floating.


The Real-Deal – Flight Experience

In the last 4 years, we’re happy to tout our 17,000 customers that experienced what it’s like to fly with us. Jetpack America has flown deaf customers,
paraplegic customers, wounded warriors, children as young as 5, and folks as old as 85! We are the most trusted and experienced hydro-flight rental
facility and as the industry leader we will be keeping it that way. When it’s time for our instructors to show off, prepare to be amazed. We are home
to the best professional Jetpack pilots in the world. Many help create and innovate world of Hydro-sport you now see.


Safety is Always #1


There is nothing more important than keeping our customers safe. Every customer is equipped with a 2-way radio helmet, lifejacket, and optional booties
and wetsuit. Before we start your flight, we make sure that you are comfortable in the water by giving a quick swim test. That way you are confident
and comfortable on the procedures. You’re not alone out there. Your instructor is less than 50 feet away at all times. As an extra precaution, each
of our staff members are CPR, First Aid, and AED certified by the Red Cross. This sport is all about having fun, so rest easy, you’re in good hands.
We had to start as beginners too!


Jetpack America TV

Jetpack America offers the highest quality, professionally edited flight videos in the industry. Our video packages range from 1 to 4 camera angles
and we even offer drone footage! Our YouTube Channel has almost 300,000 customer video views and provides thousands of our customers with HD memories
of their flight. It gets even better for YOU! Purchase a video package with Jetpack America, and just make sure you get 100 views… and we’ll
grant you a free 20-minute flight, redeemable anytime and at any of our three locations.


Trusted by the Big Brands, Media and Celebrities!

We’ve worked alongside major corporations Red Bull, Doritos, Travelocity, Visit California and more. Hollywood actors like Rob Lowe, “Pawn Stars” Reality
TV Star Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison, NFL-Heisman winning QB Jameis Winston, Singer/Actress Zendaya., World Champion Action-Sports stars like Robbie Maddison,
and skateboarder Ryan Scheckler and even Olympic champions and many more!. Media networks like ABC News, NBC-The Tonight Show, Inside Edition, The
Discovery Channel and TV and media networks from every corner of the U.S and around the globe. Come alone, or bring your entire company! It doesn’t
get any better than watching yourself, co-workers or friends and family flying like Iron Man!


The Industry Leading Jetpack America Guarantee

If you don’t fly during your designated flight time, we will give you a free return flight or a full refund, if you purchased through Jetpack America.
If you bought any flight add-ons (photos, videos, extra flight time, and you’re not completely satisfied, you will not be charged. If you are not completely
satisfied with the service you receive from our staff, you will receive a full refund for the items not meeting your satisfaction. If you purchase
equipment from us and you’re not completely satisfied with it, send it back to us and you will receive a full refund (we’ll even pay your return shipping).
View the Jetpack America Guarantee.  


“As a leader in the hydro-flight industry, we have always stood behind our products and services, so The Jetpack America Guarantee is simply putting our
long-standing values into a formal promise to our customers and clients, so you can purchase with confidence, knowing that you will be happy with every
aspect of your experience with us and, if you’re not for any reason, we will do what we need to do to make it right.” – Dean O’Malley, President, Jetpack


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