The Future is Here

The Smithsonian Museum was established in 1846. Since then it has become the nation’s location for showcasing unique knowledge. Each year a Futuristic
Festival is organized to feature the year’s newest innovations ranging from new research discoveries, the human mind, and advanced gadgets.


The 2014 Futuristic Festival, “The Future is Here”, included the unexpected surprise of a Jetpack being flown in front of an audience inside the Ronald
Reagan Building. People surrounded the stage and watched from different levels as the Jetpack hovered over them; showing a small glimpse of what the
future holds. It is fascinating to see a gadget that has astonished so many people for years become a reality.


The following year the Smithsonian Institution once again amazed a crowd of various tech and science enthusiasts with a real- life hover board. The Hendo
hover board has taken several years to perfect and was inspired by the famous film, “Back to the Future Part II”. Some attendees were given the opportunity
to ride the hover board which made them all feel as if they could fly.


The ability to grant people the ability to fly has been in the works for several decades. Jetpack America gives everyone an opportunity to fly above water
soaring through the sky from either the Jetblade or Jetpack. It is clear to see that jetpacks are real and the future is here with Jetpack America.



Take a look at some footage from the Futuristic Festival!

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