The evolution of water propelled flight- HOVERBOARDS!


As much as I love snow boarding, this video brings a whole new level of cool! Have you ever dreamed of flying on a hoverboard over the ocean? What was
once just fantasy is now becoming a reality. The water propelled hoverboard has arrived.

The water propelled hoverboard is the next big thing in the evolution of Jetpack water sports. While Jetpack America isn’t currently offering the hoverboards
for sale or rental, we are making plans for the future to bring you the very best of what this new technology has to offer.

Get excited! This industry is still in its infancy and Jetpack America will continue to be at the forefront of new emerging water propelled technology.

See you in the SKY!

To make reservations to fly our water propelled Jetpacks please visit us at or call
us at 888-553-6471. 

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