The Different Types of Jetboards

The technology behind hydro flight is taking off like a rocket! We’ve put a collection together of all the new jet board devices that you can use to propel
yourself up into the air by the power of water!


X-Jet Jetblade

Our very own Jetblade is the first jetboard device that we’ll talk about. The Jetblade is compatible with all wakeboard boots and bindings, which gives
you the option to use whatever make, model, or brand you prefer. The TriDro Tube nozzle design allows water to go straight down from the Jetblade to
increase stability and power. The Hydro Shaped Y tube also helps increase stability as well as balance during the flight. Another main feature of the
Jetblade are the torsion bars that link the foot platforms together. This allows for your feet to more easily return to center after being twisted. 

DEFY JetDeck

Some key differences with the JetDeck include a more agile and intuitive movement due to the fact that you can move your feet independently. Another big
difference is the patent pending Rocker Link system that eliminates any worry about the hose kinking or fighting against the hose. The PowerLink hose
also helps with these problems, as well as eliminates the problem of restricted water flow when the hose is bent. These two key parts make the flight
feel a little freer since you no longer have to worry about that pesky hose pulling you around.

FlyDive X-Board

The X-Board features the lowest foot to bearing height. By doing this, it provides maximum stability for all weights and heights, since, you know, not
everyone comes in the same shape. Another key feature is the patent-pending helix water splitter, which add high-performance engineering into the mix.
Lastly, due to the fact that the thrust is directly under you with independent foot movement, there is a much higher precision control than before.


Zapata Racing Flyboard Pro Series & Hoverboard

Zapata Racing has two different jetboard devices in their arsenal. The first is the Flyboard Pro Series. The Flyboard is very similar in style to
the other jetboard devices, but there are some differences. The Flyboard Pro Series has an axis pivot point, adjustable nozzle sizes, adjustable tilt
nozzle, and a secure twist system that allows the board to rotate on it axis. However, the biggest difference is that the Flyboard doesn’t just have
water propulsion from your feet, but it is also coming from your hands as well. Think Iron Man status.


The other Zapata Racing jetboard device is the Hoverboard, which is more of a distant cousin to these other designs. The Hoverboard is essentially a hydro-propelled
board that can either ride or surf above the water. You just slip your feet into the designated areas and go! It’s essentially like riding a skateboard
or surfing, but through the air rather than on land or even on water.


All of these jetboards are extremely fun and are just waiting for you to place the water jets on your feet to test them out! Make an appointment today,
and we’ll get you started on our very own X-Jet Jetblade!  

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