Tandem Jetovator Video!




One amazing adaptation that Jetovator has come up with is the first factory designed tandem hydroflight device. It’s tandem Jetovator jetbike is capable
of carrying 2 riders with a combined weight of 400lbs. It can be controlled by either the front or rear rider and can also be ridden solo, when you
can’t find a partner…but I doubt you’d have to try very hard to find someone willing to go for a ride with you! The new high flow custom u-pipe included
with the Tandem Jetovator kit is another innovation that allowed for the development of the new tandem bike design.


New riders can fly in comfort knowing they have an instructor or experienced rider in the back that can take over the controls at any time. An adventurous
day at the lake, river or ocean can be even more thrilling when flying above water with your friends on the new Jetovator Tandem Jetbike. Each Tandem
Jetovator is custom made in the United States and requires 2 weeks build time.


The Tandem Jetovator is now available in the Jetpack America Online Shop!



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