Surfboards and Jetpacks – 3 Similarities

Surfing and jetpacking are two totally different types of water sports–right? In fact, there are several similarities between surfing and jetpacking besides
just the aquatic aspect. And with the Hurley Pro competition in Trestles in full swing, what could be a better time to compare the two?


  1. 1. Focus on balance

Balance is one among many of the fundamental aspects of surfing. In order to surf well, you must keep your balance to stay on the board as it moves through
the waves. Similarly, in the jetpack, you must be aware of where your body weight is centered at all times. Leaning too much to one side or the other
causes the jetpack to twist or turn in that direction. Keeping your body weight generally centered is the best way to maintain forward momentum and
stability during your first flight.

  1. 2. Eye Targets

One of the most common practices of experienced surfers is the use of eye targets: when you focus on one point and keep your eye on it until you get to
it. For surfers, this has to do with waves, but for jetpackers, it is a little different. During your first flight, it can be helpful to use eye targets
when trying to fly in a straight line. By focusing on one thing to fly towards, you will be able to learn how to stabilize yourself better, which is
the prime objective of your first flight.

  1. 3. Relax, Focus, and Have Fun!

Even we’ll admit it–extreme water activities can be intimidating sometimes! Just like surfing, relaxing and maintaining focus is important to being successful
while jetpacking. Staying relaxed helps you keep a loose grip on the handles of the jetpack, and you won’t fatigue as quickly. It also makes your flight
more enjoyable! Above all, though, we want you to have FUN!

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