Superhero Kids Actually Take Flight!

In honor of Comic-Con a few weeks ago, we at Jetpack America decided to give several kids the opportunity to fly like real superheroes! We spread the word
that any kid who showed up in their favorite superhero costume would be allowed to do a tandem jetpack ride for free. So on July 9th, over 20 kids
showed up at our San Diego location completely decked out in their favorite superhero gear!


ironman kid   
spiderman kid

We would have loved to have flown each and every one of them, but we just simply couldn’t with time constraints. We gave children with disabilities the
priority. Now these kids are already superheroes as it is with all the challenges they already face and overcome on a daily bases, so it was about
time for them to rewarded! And boy did they have a blast! Our hearts melted as several children were carried out of their wheel chairs, strapped into
the jetpack, and brought their arms up high into the sky for take off. It really was a sight to see.  



wheel chair 1  wheel chair 2   wheelchair 3


Check out the CBS 8- San Diego Video:


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