Stay Warm With Body Glove Wetsuits

Wetsuits are a huge part of life in the water, yet many people still don’t know how they work.


The primary function of a wetsuit is to provide warmth and protection during water activities. These neoprene suits keep you mobile and comfortable to
help you maximize fun,and time in colder water. The concept of a wetsuit is quite simple yet very effective.


Wetsuits allow for a thin layer of water to penetrate, which then becomes trapped between your body and the neoprene suit. As your body naturally produces
heat, the thin layer of water slowly begins to warm. After about 5-10 minutes of being in the water, it’s like you’re sitting in your own personal


Jetpack America prides itself on the customer experience. For this reason, every flier gets fitted for a wetsuit. We have a wide selection of top-notch
wetsuits provided by our partners at Body Glove. These jetpack suits are designed to keep you warm and comfortable
during your flight.


Body Glove is a family owned company based out of Southern California. For over 60 years, Body Glove has been striving to protect the environment through
the production of their products as well as the organizations they support. Brothers Bill & Bob Meistrell first created this company as a way to
enjoy water sports in all kinds of conditions. Ever since, Body Glove has been producing some of the best wetsuits to support the needs of water enthusiast
around the globe.


One of Jetpack America’s own, Tabitha Lipkin is not only an expert jetpack instructor but also Body Glove Ambassador. The San Diego based scuba diving
enthusiast and former Miss Scuba International has helped foster this partnership over the years.


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