Staff Spotlight: Trevor Heard


Trevor Heard, a lead instructor at the Newport Beach location, has been a part of the team for 2 ½ years. Jetpack America brings a new environment
to the work setting every day; as each customer offers a new perspective and experience for the team. As Trevor has witnessed this company evolve and
grow, he has come to believe there is much more to this extreme sport than people realize.


Jetpacking is usually described as an extreme sport individuals can add to their bucket list. Although jetpacking is usually categorized side by side with
bungee jumping and sky diving, it is becoming a part of a much bigger picture in Trevor’s eyes.


Since jetpacking is still a relatively new sport, it is giving both males and females an equal opportunity to succeed. Sports in general have been known
to be dominated by males leaving the recognition of women behind. As an instructor, Trevor has the opportunity to work with different pilots, learning
techniques, athletic ability, and experiences every day. He has come to the conclusion that this extreme sport gives every flyer the ability to be


As an instructor Trevor hopes to help every flier experience a fun-filled flight that will trigger a spark to continue their jetpacking endeavors. 



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