Staff Spotlight: Donna Rivera


Donna Rivera became a part of the Jetpack America Team early this summer. Since then she has made sure to be involved in every aspect of the company.
Since the first day of work she has loved being a part of the team.


 She is currently a member of the Social Media team; helping maintain a solid presence online. When fall came around so did her new position as
office manager for our Newport location. She is now taking the responsibility to improve and maintain and good foundation on day to day operations.
Finally Donna has mastered all the tricks on the Jetpack and has officially completed her training; allowing her to be a flight instructor. 


Donna loves the environment the team and customers bring into the office every day. Her goal is to be a part of the growth Jetpack America will continue
to have.Overall Donna is another team member who loves making a positive difference to each client’s experience.  


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