Staff Spotlight: Alexa Bilek

Alexa has been a part of the team for two years. During her time with Jetpack America she has become a flight instructor and is now the social media and
marketing manager. As an instructor Alexa loves seeing people’s eyes light up once they are flying. 


As the marketing manager she has become the direct connection between all three locations; promoting and advancing our service with our local communities.
Alexa’s goal is to promote the business by channeling major social medias because that has become the way of communication. Alexa hopes “Jetpack America
will soon have a known presence that allows customers to find out about this extreme sport, but also helps people share their personal experience.” 


The progression Alexa has had as a team member has helped her become well rounded both on the water and  Alexa is an awesome example of the well rounded
staff we have here at Jetpack America!

See you in the sky!!
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