Smart Money Talk Radio Interview with Jetpack America

On Monday, April 28th, 2014, Jetpack America President Dean O’Malley was invited to join the weekly Smart Money Talk Radio segment on KCAA 1050 AM in Los Angeles after one of the hosts, Scot Landborg, came out to Jetpack America’s Newport Beach headquarters to see what the concept of “jetpacking” was all about.

After taking his flight and witnessing the operation from a customer’s point of view, he immediately saw a fit for his weekly show, where they answer financial questions from listeners, but also feature local up-and-coming businesses that may be of interest to their audience.

During the 12-minute on-air interview, they discussed the basic questions of what is a water jetpack, how does the technology work and whether or not it was easy to learn. They also delved into some of the marketing strategies used by the company to help bring in new customers. Mr. O’Malley noted that having the help of a unique product that people want to feature was important. He also talked about some of the more creative marketing and PR events, like the world record jetpack flight from Newport Beach to Catalina Island performed by President Dean O’Malley himself, the free-flight offer for anyone who can get 200 or more views of their customer flight video on YouTube, and other strategies to increase their customer reach.

Another guest on the show, Lisa Hart, was there promoting her PBS television show, Discover Orange County, where they feature fun (and often unknown) activities around the southland. After hearing about Jetpack America, Lisa announced half-serious/half-joking, “I think we’ve found our next segment.” Keep your fingers crossed for an episode of Discover Orange County – Jetpack America edition coming soon!

Listen to the full radio interview here: Smart Money Talk Radio – Interview with Dean O’Malley

Smart Money Talk Radio defines itself as “a successful stand-alone business-talk radio show that gives audiences the necessary tools to build and preserve their wealth in an entertaining way”. 

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