Second Jetlev Unit Arrives in Newport Beach

On Tuesday, May 29th, Jetlev Southwest took delivery of the latest Jetlev R200 unit, which will provide backup for the current unit, which will most importantly
help ensure there is absolutely no customer downtime due to repairs or maintenance, but it also opens up a new set of possibilities for the Newport
Flight Center. While the primary unit is being used on the beach to train customers in our Jetlev Flight Experience sessions, the second unit can be
used for a variety of other opportunities:

– Promotional flights up and down the coast

– Charter flights in San Diego, LA or Catalina

– On-location film and television shoots

– Club Jetlev member outings

– Additional flight sessions for customers on busy days – Another exciting opportunity is the possibility of flying both units at the same time, which
is much more dramatic than seeing just one unit!

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