Robbie Maddison and Friends Bliss-n-Eso


When you think of extreme athletes, Aussie Moto-X rider Robbie Maddison

should be at the top of your list. Robbie is one of the most daring extreme

athletes in the world today.

His extreme stunts have included jumping on and off of Vegas landmarks,

setting jump distance records off an Olympic ski jump and, for good measure,     

even taking his motorcycle into the giant surf of Tahiti and more!




After Robbie saw Jetpack America demonstrating its water jetpacks

at Red Bull’s 2013 Flugtag in Long Beach, CA., Robbie decided he

needed to give hydroflight a try.

In 2013, Robbie came to Jetpack Amercia in Newport Beach with some

of his friends – the Aussie hip-hop band Bliss-n-Eso so they could check

out hydroflight for themselves.

Robbie Maddison flies a jet pack with Jetpack America 

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No world records were set that day, which is what Robbie usually does,

but we can say without hesitation Robbie was probably one of the best

first-time jetpack pilots we’ve ever seen!

Robbie, as you have already seen, was born to fly!

His Aussie mates, Bliss-n-Eso, loved it too!


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