FlyDive Acquires Another Hydroflight Industry Heavyweight with Purchase of Austin-based Aquafly

Jetpack America just got a new sister company! Our parent company, FlyDive, just acquired Aquafly, one of the biggest hydroflight companies in the U.S.
This is great news for hydroflight enthusiasts, as we now can better serve your equipments purchasing needs and can get you up in the air for rental
flights from our locations in Texas, California and Nevada.


The FlyDive, Inc. acquisition of Jetpack America and AquaFly has created the first hydroflight conglomerate, becoming a powerhouse in hydroflight design
and manufacturing, product sales and rentals, and special events and shows. The newly-formed company, which will maintain its headquarters in San Diego,
California, combines the wealth of jetpack rental and sales experience from Jetpack America and the Flyboard and X-Jets-sponsored athletes and competition
organizing of AquaFly. All three companies will coordinate their efforts, but maintain their current brands and operations. From the Blog:



“Founded in 2012 and located on Lake Travis near Austin, Texas, Aquafly has grown to become one of the driving forces in the emerging hydroflight industry, offering water jetboard and jetpack sales and rentals, pro athlete training for international competition, and full-service production of captivating water acrobatic shows. Team Aquafly athletes have achieved more podiums in competition than any other hydroflight team in the world, and the Aquafly Show Team has entertained millions at corporate gatherings and press events for global brands, political events, and even on the hit TV show, America’s Got Talent. Show capabilities have expanded to include visually stunning high-tech nighttime exhibitions, complete with lighted LED suits and lasers.

Aquafly founders, Bobby and Gretchen Vance, are looking forward to joining the FlyDive team to further develop equipment sales channels, build world-class exhibition events, and forge strategic partnerships with top brands focused on attracting active lifestyle consumers.


Bobby Vance, FlyDive’s new Vice President of Sales, said, “We are thrilled to be joining forces with FlyDive. Bringing Aquafly’s sales and customer training experience together with FlyDive’s family-friendly hydroflight equipment will open up huge market exposure, giving consumers easy access to experience the thrill of hydroflight. Personal watercraft (jet ski) dealers and rental operators will enjoy full support with affordable, top-quality hydroflight products, service and professional training, so it’ll be easier than ever to offer hydroflight to their customers.”


Gretchen Vance is taking a leadership role as Vice President of Corporate Events & Sponsorships, and said, “FlyDive has designed the most affordable, easy-to-use hydroflight products for the mass market, and now, spectators watching our shows will be able to see them in action, underscoring their quality and versatility. Event sponsors will reach hundreds of thousands of active consumers through our hydroflight shows. Hydroflight is taking off, and we’re at the front, this is very exciting!”


This acquisition of Aquafly raises FlyDive’s capabilities tremendously. Bobby and Gretchen Vance have trained world-class athletes as well as fun-loving watersports customers, put on incredible shows, and their passion for hydroflight is infectious. Our ability to serve dealers, rental operators, customers and even large corporate groups has grown impressively with Bobby and Gretchen on-board. Combined with our recent acquisition of Jetpack America, the Vances will leverage their years of experience to bring hydroflight products, rentals and excitement to watersports customers, plus we’ll be producing top-tier exhibitions and corporate events for big brands. We’re expanding, diversifying revenue and paving the way for FlyDive’s continued growth with this talented team.”



We are very excited about having Aquafly on our team. Jetpack America and Aquafly actually considered themselves competitors and friendly rivals in our
combined efforts to become the world’s biggest hydroflight sales and rental company! Now we are very happy to be working together! Both companies have
knowledge about all the hydroflight brands, trends and best-practices. Jetpack America and Aquafly, both, were prime targets for acquisition by FlyDive,
who had their own goal of becoming the leading hydroflight manufacturer (taking that title away from Zapata Racing, maker of the original “Flyboard”) 


The incredible upward path of FlyDive and its subsidiaries (Jetpack America and Aquafly) has occurred by careful design, as FlyDive founding investor, Jim Plante and his company, Thynk Capital, entered
the hydroflight industry only after investing heavily in research and development to address some of the areas where they saw opportunities, including
the manufacturing process, the overall jetboard design and the distribution model, which they determined to be prime for a powersports dealer model.
After many months and over $1,500,000 in investment, FlyDive can now boast to have:

1. Made the easiest jetboard to fly at the most competitive price, while maintaining truly world-class quality

2. Developed a thriving network of partnerships with powersports dealers across the U.S.

3. Through acquisition, the most experienced hydroflight equipment sales and rental operators


We are looking forward to seeing what moves FlyDive makes next. Every one of their moves has benefitted our customers, which was the main driving force
behind teaming up with them. Because of our acquisition by FlyDive, we are opening the 2017 season with even better pricing on rentals (at San Diego and Las Vegas) and awesome deals on equipment purchased in the Jetpack America Shop.









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