Our Local Newport Beach Restaurant Recommendations: Part II ($$)

If you aren’t in a huge hurry after your jetpack flight, then maybe stick around and enjoy a bite to eat where you can sit down for awhile.  The top 3 picks below are personal favorites of everyone on our team.  We hope you enjoy!

1.)  Sessions West Coast Deli 

            This new deli hot spot really sums up the Newport Beach Peninsula lifestyle.  Their modern restaurant showcases vintage surf and skateboard photography from around the area, so you really feel like a local when you walk into their greeting and friendly environment.  The kitchen is open and right behind the cashier, so you can literally see your sandwich being made as you are ordering; talk about freshness!  They also have secret specials that aren’t on their menu that we can tell you about in our office.

2.)  Bear Flag Fish Co. 

            Now if you are looking for a high quality fish taco, Bear Flag is the place for you!  Our mouths water at work when someone brings up Bear Flag for lunch.  They have been open since 2007 and with the owner, Thomas Carson, being a personal fisherman himself, he has a true appreciation for the ocean and the quality of fish that comes from it.  Their secret sauce, called Tommy Sauce, is absolutely to die for.  They also have an awesome patio where you can sit outside and catch some rays, while eating one of their delicious panko grilled fish tacos.

3.)  Woody’s Wharf

            This restaurant is legendary in Newport Beach.  It’s been a landmark in the city since 1965.  It started out as a local fishermen watering hole, and as word got around that this awesome little water front property actually served some great food and drinks, well the people started filing in by the masses.  The restaurant was even owned by Chuck Norris at one point!  Now there are 4 owners, who have all been great friends for 25 years.  Woody’s is a great spot to whine-down at after your jetpack flight, especially since it’s only 2 doors down from us!  They have a great happy hour, and there’s always delicious specials, plus it’s right on the water!

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