No Such Thing As Handicapped!

The guys at Water Jetpack Adventure made history by having the first paraplegic individual take part
in the new sport for wheelchair users by flying a jetpack, proving that there truly is no such thing as handicapped. Kevin Mathers was the brave individual
with no use of his lower extremities who volunteered to strap into the Jetlev jetpack to show the world just how accessible it truly is. From what
the team shared with us, the most difficult part of the whole thing was getting him into the water and strapped into the pack. Once he was in and floating,
it was only a matter of a few minutes and a few tries before he was airborne and loving every minute of his jetpack water ride. There was a crowd gathered
as he flew the pack effortlessly around the waters under the famous London Bridge in Lake Havasu City. Cheers went up as soon as he got out of the
water and into the air, but no one could’ve expected just how quickly he’d pick it up and how high he’d ultimately go. Hats off to Andrew, Garett and
Brad of Water Jetpack Adventure for reaching out to make this dream a reality.
It’s a big statement for Jetlev, but it’s also yet another reminder of just how “able” our disabled citizens truly are. To watch video of the historic
flight, check out the video below:

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