Newport Beach Water Sports – Jetpack America Experience!

Whether you are visiting Southern California or are a SoCal native, you know that there are always fun things to do out on the water!

We know you may have fun renting a jet ski or a boat. In fact we know you’ll have fun and we do too! But the truth is, no matter what you do, that experience is still about a jet ski or boat gliding across the water while you sit down. We know these are still water sports, but for those looking for a more active experience, Jetpack America just might have what you’re looking for.

For your Newport Beach water sports experience, we recommend the adrenaline rush of flying above the ocean with your own personal water jetpack! What, you don’t think it’s possible? Just something you see in the movies? You’re missing out – the water jetpack is REAL and available to you today!

Don’t worry if you think it will be too difficult, it’s actually really easy. Our flight instructors walk you through everything, and even control the throttle on your first flight with us to keep everything safe and FUN!

Check out some of our Newport Beach water jetpack experience videos then book your flight with us today!

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