NBC News Los Angeles – Move Over George Jetson

NBC news correspondent Gordon Tokumatsu visited Jetlev Southwest’s operation in Newport Beach on July 13th, 2012 to see if we have truly entered the George
Jetson age, complete with our own jetpacks. After interviewing several Jetlev Southwest customers, including Scott Sorrell, who was out celebrating his
49th birthday, and Lawrence Joselowski, who was just out for the experience of it all, proclaiming, “Who doesn’t want to fly, you know?”, Tokumatsu concluded,
“Finally, jetpack flight for the rest of us.” It’s too bad the sun wasn’t shining to improve the overall footage, but it was still a great segment that
led to numerous phone call and email inquiries about how people could book. To watch the full NBC News segment, click the link below.
When you’re ready to join the George Jetson era, click over to our Flight Bookingpage and see how little it takes to join the Space Age.

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