Meet Our New Instructors: Charlie and Benton

We’d like to introduce our two newest certified flight instructors at our Newport Beach location: Charlie Noebel and Benton Carpenter!  They both
began working for Jetpack America at the beginning of this summer and have loved every single minute of it. They love being able to work on the water,
in such a fun and exciting environment, where they get to help people have a great time and learn how to fly a jetpack! 


Charlie is about to start his junior year at the University of Oregon, where he studies Journalism and plays for the men’s basketball team. Benton is also
about to start his junior year of college at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where he studies Winemaking. Born and raised in Orange County, they couldn’t
wait to explore more outside of their homeland through their college experiences.  But their roots never left them.  Both came home during
the summer break, and with their love for the ocean came a job which revolved around the water.  It’s been a honor having theses two hard-working
employees at our company all summer; they’ve made our Jetpack atmosphere more fun than it already is!    


We asked Benton and Charlie what their favorite part about being an instructor was; they both mutually agreed, “the flier’s reaction”.  Benton mentioned,
“the reaction people have when they get out of the water and how much they love it” is the best part of the day. Charlie enjoys seeing how happy and
excited people are after their flight, knowing that he was able to help make that happen.


Naturally, they both have a couple of pointers for all of you first time fliers! According to Charlie, “relaxed fliers are the best fliers! Remember to
stay calm and only make small movements. “ Benton just warns all of you that the Jetpack can be slightly uncomfortable at first, but the more relaxed
you are, the better you will fly, so don’t worry too much.


Last but not least, Charlie and Benton shared their favorite jetpack tricks with us. Charlie’s trick of choice is a “spiraling barrel roll”. According
to him, “it’s a crazy feeling effortlessly twirling in mid-air!”.  Benton’s favorite trick to do is the “Aldana”, named after one of our frequent
fliers. This is when you do a submarine, do a half barrel roll under water, and come out of the water flying backwards!


Charlie and Benton cannot wait to help you fly, so go book your flight today!



Charlie Noebel                                        
                             Benton Carpenter




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