Meet Jetpack Instructor Tabitha Lipkin, the "Coolest Chick Ever"

Jetpack America Instructor Tabitha Lipkin

Recently, a popular online community which focuses on photo sharing and community outreach known as

wrote an awesome article on Tabitha Lipkin, a high flying Jetpack Flight Instructor, news reporter for San Diego 6,
correspondent for sailing magazine The Cruising Outpost and an all-around adventure enthusiast.
The article described Tabitha as “the coolest girl ever” and we at Jetpack America completely agree.

Originally from Austin TX, Tabitha graduated from University of Texas with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and went on to work as a TV reporter and producer
in the Los Angeles area. Now, she is a San Diego resident who is a reporter for San Diego 6 news and also works as a Jetpack Flight Instructor for
Jetpack America. When she isn’t working she loves scuba diving, surfing, snowboarding, flying experimental planes, playing volleyball, drinking a lots
of craft beer, and traveling.

Jetpack America Instructor Tabitha LipkinTabitha is full of life and an amazing asset to the Jetpack America family. She stated in her JPA
bio, “I love meeting new people and I travel as much as I can outside of “work”. Like many of my fellow employees, I’m an adrenaline junkie and love pushing
the limits. My #1 goal is to make sure you have an amazing time when you decide to become a Jetpack Pilot yourself. Come fly with me!”

Jetpack America Instructor Tabitha LipkinTabitha describes being a flight instructor as the best job in the world. She loves when people asks
what she does for a living. Her reply? “Oh, I fly jetpacks for a living.” Yes, it is safe to say Tabitha Lipkin is “the coolest chick ever” and Jetpack
America is so thankful to have such an amazing woman on our team.

Take a moment to read more about this beautiful life enthusiast HERE.
She will inspire you with her great passion for life.

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