Las Vegas Science and Technology Festival at Jetpack America

Sunday, April 26th, 2015, Jetpack America was part of the Las Vegas Science and Technology Festival for Southern Nevada. This Festival, which has been running for the past five years has become the largest educational event in Nevada, helping tens
of thousands of people celebrate science and technology in our community. 

This was the first time Jetpack America was part of the Science and Technology festival and everyone who attended had a great time. Parents and children
got to see the new 4.5-acre lake at Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club. The families
learned that the 14-million gallon lake that Jetpack America operates on is open to the public, as well as the development and history of the Jetpack,
including the astonishing accomplishments made with the Jetpack.

2012, Jetpack President Dean O’Malley made the 26.2-mile world record flight through rough seas from Newport Beach, CA to Catalina Island. The kids, as well as their parents, were in complete awe of the mechanics and capability
of the Jetpack. After the brief history was provided, the families got to see the extreme aerial tricks that are attainable by Jetpack America Las
Vegas Flight Center Manager Chris Wilson, who showed such tricks as the corkscrew, the submarine, the dolphin, the helicopter, the lawn chair, walking
on water, stairway to heaven, water skating and dock landings and take-offs.

Kids learned some of the amazing technology at work with the jetpack. The 180 horsepower engine pumps up to 1000 gallons of water up the 52-foot hose,
lifting pilots as heavy as 350 lbs into the air and attaining max heights of over 40 feet. The physics of the jetpack were surprisingly simple to the
children, who learned it only takes simple up and down movements of the jetpack handles to control height and speed and leans to the right and left
to steer.
At the end of the event, two lucky winners walked away with flight certificates to experience the jetpack for themselves. Jeffrey Kelnhofer won a free
Tandem Jetpack Flight Experience and Stormy Ingersoll won a free Solo Jetpack Flight Experience. 

To learn more about the Las Vegas Science and Technology Festival, visit their website. To book your
jetpack flight to experience science and technology in action, click HERE
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