Lake Havasu Flight Center NOW OPEN!

The time is finally upon us! After months of planning, thousands of hours of preparation, and more energy drink-fueled late nights than we’d care to admit,
the Lake Havasu Flight Center is NOW OPEN! The
crew of Water Jetpack Adventure have brought their own flair to the Jetlev business,
so keep an eye out on the south side of the channel for the eye-catching pontoon boat from which they’re operating. You can book your flight time right
on the Water Jetpack Adventure website or by simply pulling your boat along side them
in Thompson Bay off Rotary Park. Just when you thought Havasu had seen it all, along comes the Jetlev jet pack to prove that the envelope will continue
to get pushed, so come out and fly high and soak up the awestruck gazes of the onlookers below! With the opening of the Lake Havasu location, that brings
the Jetlev Southwest family of flight centers to three: Newport Beach (our headquarters), Honolulu, Hawaii, and Lake Havasu. We have several other locations
in the works: Grand Cayman, Singapore, Maui and Cancun. If you have any questions about any of these locations, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. If you’re
interested in opening your own Jetlev flight center, check out our Business Opportunitiespage and our recent blog posts about commercial operationsand certified flight instructor training.

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