​Kids Can Now Fly a Jetpack Before They Can Drive a Car

Today, kids can fly a Jetpack before they can even learn how to drive a car. 

They can even fly a Jetpack before they’re out of a car seat!




With the relatively new introduction of the Tandem Jetpack Experience, kids, starting at the age of 5, can fly high in the sky, while being strapped to
a highly-qualified instructor. They are now able to experience a fun-filled flight without the struggles of learning how to fly in the first place!


Sometimes, the kids will be a little nervous and scared before their flight. However, they always come back with giant smiles on their faces asking their
parents when they can go again.


Most of them equivalent this experience to a rollercoaster, but even better due to the fact that they can tell the instructor what they do or don’t want
to do during the flight. If they want to do a ton of submarines or donut turns during the flight, they’re more than welcome to. This is a great water
acitivity for kids, since each flight is always different and is customized to what each kid wants.


To be able to fly the Tandem Jetpack Experience, your child must be 5-14 years old. They also may not exceed the 100 lb. weight limit. This is due to the
fact that these Jetpack for kids flights can be strenuous to the instructor since they are not used to the added weight. It also makes the Jetpack
more difficult to control due to the drastic shift in weight.

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