John Morris Water Jet Pack Crash with Reporter Matt Johnson from Fox 5 San Diego News

This video was featured everywhere from International Business Timesto Gizmodo. It shows Jetlev Southwest CEO John
Morris as he’s on the dock to help promote the San Diego Boat Show and, of course, the Jetlev jetpack. As he’s introduced and he starts to take off from
the dock, the yellow engine key accidentally gets knocked off the right control arm, which instantly turns off the power to the engine, causing John to
plummet into the water (this is actually a safety feature, similar to the ones used on jet skis, but didn’t help in this situation obviously). Needless
to say, the LIVE shoot did not go as planned and you can see the anchors in the newsroom are stunned and unsure how to react. Thankfully, John
quickly recovered by replacing the engine key and doing some redemption flying around the harbor. As you’d expect, the video quickly spread far and wide,
as yet another internet EPIC FAIL, but the clips have done wonders for increasing the visibility (and awareness) of the Jetlev jetpacks. As they say, there’s
no such thing as bad press. Take a look at some of the links below to see how the clip was featured on various television shows and internet sites or you
can view it right here. “It starts right NOW…”

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