Jetpacking is fun, safe, and easy!

Why everyone loves jetpacking:

Jetpacking is not like anything else you have ever done before. There is a different kind of rush that shoots through your body while jetpacking. It’s
not like any other adrenaline water sport or rush that you have ever experienced. Even going through your jetpack training is very exciting! Our employees
like to make the best experience they can for customers coming to Jetpack America. We value every customer’s opinion and enjoy hearing feedback about
each jetpack flight experience.

Reasons why jetpacking is so safe:

Flying a jetpack is a very safe, fun water activity! Jetpack America puts you through about an hour of training before your jetpack flight. This training
teaches you everything you need to know to stay safe on the water during your flight. Before your flight begins, we will have you do a quick swim test
ensuring that you are comfortable in the water. While jetpacking, your well-trained instructor will be talking to you through a walkie-talkie helmet,
guiding you through your flight and telling you how to get the best experience possible.

Why jetpacking is easy:

As you read above, Jetpack America requires that you go through an hour of training before your flight. The training you will go through, shows you everything
you need to know for your first jetpack flight. As long as you pay attention to the training, you should have no problem out on the water! During the
beginning of your flight, if you are having some trouble taking off, a Jetpack America employee will jump into the water and shadow fly you until you
are successfully flying.

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