Annual Fall Festival

What makes for the best weekend ever? Jetpacking, Fall Fest, and hanging out with friends!


Fall is here, but the summer heat did not disappear! Bring your friends and family right outside of Las Vegas for the annual Fall Festival in Pahrump.
This festival is a great place for friends and family to hang out and have fun while making tons of memories!


Pahrump’s annual Fall Festival is not the only thing that Pahrump has to offer! Jetpacking is available at the Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country
Club. After an afternoon in the hot sun flying a jetpack is hard to say no to. Here at Jetpack America we also offer paddle boards, peddle boats,
and a canoe so if you’re not one looking for the adrenaline rush but still want to take a dip in the water and cool off then we highly recommend
coming out to the lake.


It is pretty obvious that flying a jetpack is one for the books. This is why we offer video and photo packages. With our photo package we take 30 pictures
of your best moments during your flight. If you are to purchase a video package we will send your video to our professional editor to be transformed
into an awesome video you can be proud to show anyone. We have two options for video packages:


1) Standard video- One view from the dock


2) Premium video- Three angles; Two of the three cameras filming you are on the jetpack, one will be facing towards you and one will be a view over
your shoulder filming everything that you see from the air. The third camera will be filming from the dock for the wider view. All three angles
will be combined to make one great video.


Treat yourself and your family to a great weekend by coming out to Pahrump for the annual Fall Festival and a day full of jetpacking. After your first
flight you will be hooked on jetpacking!

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