Jetpack Midwest is Now Open!

Jetpack Midwest Lindstrom Minnesota

Jetpack Midwest is proud to be the first and only jetpack rental operator in Minnesota, and even in the entire Midwest!  Our staff has been professionally trained as certified flight instructors by one of the most recognized companies in the world.  We only use the safest equipment on the market for your Jetpack flight.  While you are learning to fly the H3X-Jetpack, you will also have a walkie-talkie helmet on, which the instructor will use to communicate with you during the entirety of your flight.  

With our top notch training and equipment you can rest assured your experience will be safe, fun, and enjoyable.  

We offer a number of flight packages as well as professionally edited videos that you can purchase to remember your Minnesota jetpack flight experience forever.  Coming soon will be offering tandem flights for the little ones, ages 5 to 15.  After your flight, feel free to hang out at Meredee’s, our onsite restaurant where you can continue to watch others having the time of their life flying the jetpack.  We are now open for the 2015 season, for an epic Minnesota thing to do, visit our Jetpack Midwest website to make your reservation today.    

A special thanks to our friends at Jetpack America for the expert training and support! 

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